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Recently in class we read stories from this book, Wisdom Tales from Around the World. When we were asked to do a project about one tale, I chose to make a comic about the story Antlers. I used the app Ibis Paint X to draw it and then the app Comic Life 3 to add the speech bubbles. Visit these sites if you want to make something similar to this! Anyway, Antlers is a tale about a deer that loves his antlers but hates his spindly legs. He doesn’t realize they are very important until he uses them to run away from some hunters that got too close after his antlers got stuck in a tree. The moral of this story is that even things you do not like have a use. Or that everything has a purpose. I really hope you remember this life lesson because it is really helpful!

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My Favorite Author

Hi! This is a post about my favorite author, Reneé Ahdieh. She has three series, The Beautiful, The Wrath and the Dawn, and The Flame in the Mist series. I first found this author when I read The Beautiful. The Beautiful is a series about vampires, werewolves, ethereals, half-bloods, and this one girl–who’s completely human—that manages to catch the attention and steal the heart of the most ruthless, evil, cruel vampire that stalks the alleyways of New Orleans. Three out of four of the books in this series are out but the last, the finale, is coming on February 14. The next series I read was The Wrath and the Dawn which was about a ruler that took a bride each evening, only to kill her the next dawn. The main character, Sharzad, is one of those brides, except she lives. Her cousin and best friend Shiva, was also one of Khalid’s brides, and Sharzad becomes Khalid’s bride for the purpose of revenge, hoping to trick him into keeping her alive until she can finally kill him. But that is before they fall in love without even realizing it and it is not until Sharzad learns why Khalid had to kill all those innocent girls that she can truly know and forgive him. After you read these books and love them, you will definitely love the last series, Flame in the Mist, even more…but I’ll leave that a mystery for now. Reneé Ahdieh is an author for people who love fantasy, magical beasts, and cursed love stories. I really hope you enjoy these books!







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Camp Hanes


I arrived at school one Thursday morning with my dad’s army duffel in my arms and my pillow in my hand. Almost everyone was gathered in front of the school, awaiting the buses that would take us on our first field trip since 2020, three years ago. When the two buses arrived, we filed on, storing our luggage below. The bus ride wasn’t very eventful. In the two hours we were on the bus, we played card games, watched a movie—provided by my advisor, Mrs. Williams—, passed out candy, and mostly just talked with our friends. You could feel the anticipation hanging in the air. Since there was a tiny bathroom at the back of the bus, we did not make any emergency bathroom breaks at a gas station. We finally arrived, setting our luggage in the gym and going to this room where we played games while our teachers were told all about what we were to do. After, we lugged out stuff into our cabins that we were sharing with another advisory. The girls of my advisory shared a cabin with the girls of Mr. Harris’s advisory so Sloane and Kendall were with us. We unpacked and got dressed for the activities. Some included team building, canoeing, archery, a hike, and this climbing wall. After that, we were finally taken to our first activity, team building.

At team building, we played games with a rope and a stuffed animal. In the last game, we all had to touch the cow and say the person who would have it next name. The standing record was 0.3 seconds, which seemed impossible. Through many rounds of trial and error, we settled on the solution to all hold the cow at the same time and shout everyone’s name. We beat the record and got 0.29 seconds. Then it was time for the next activity.

 After team building, group 2, my group, went to the climbing wall. I made it up to the top at one, and spent the rest of the time climbing on the other stuff. There was this wooden climbing structure called Pixie Sticks which were wooden beams hanging sideways and slanted and criss-crossing. They led up to this area above called the Sky Hammock. On the other side of the Sky Hammock, there were maybe four or five diagonal climbing walls. The one on the bottom slanted to the right, and there was a hole in the next one up which allowed you to climb through to the next diagonal climbing wall which slanted left. This pattern continued all the way to the top. The climbing wall was very tiring but we still had enough energy for the next thing.

After the climbing wall, we went on the hike. The hike was about two hours long and during it we had to go up two very steep, rocky summits. The view at the top of the mountain was worth the hike. We could see very far, all the way over to the closest city which was about an hour away. It was interesting to watch how the clouds fell over the land, casting great shadows. Because we finished the hike so fast, we got to go back down behind the airnasium into the woods and play a survival game. We had to successfully build a fire and a fort. It was boys against girls and the girls obviously won. The boys built a lean-to while we had actual walls and a roof. I was very sad when we had to throw it all on the ground and stamp out the fire. But there was no time to be sad because we were already off to go to dinner.

All in all, the trip was a good experience. The hike and the climbing wall challenged me and forced me out of my comfort zone. The survival challenge and team building helped me work together with people who weren’t necessarily my friends. Although we had to leave early the next morning because of a hurricane, it was a good trip. My favorite thing was the hike and the survival challenge. I couldn’t believe our guide had to do the hike three times in a row! I had never been to a camp in the mountains before so I was very happy that I got to have this experience. I had a lot of fun.


My Finding Someplace Backpack


This summer, we had to read two books for school. One was a book called Finding Someplace by Denise Lewis Patrick. In this book, the main character Reesie, needed to evacuate her house because of Hurricane Katrina. When she left, she brought her backpack filled with very important stuff to her and her family. 

If I was in that situation, these are some things I would bring. First, a change of clothes and a sweatshirt in case I get cold or dirty. I would also bring a phone and charging block to be able to reach someone in event of an emergency, as well as, all the cash, credit cards, and wallets I could find. I would bring my parents’ important documents such as birth certificates, my parents marriage certificate, passports, and house documents for legalization. I would bring a simple first aid kit in case I get hurt. I’d need a flashlight and batteries, as well as a water purifier, and my filled water bottle. For food, I would grab things like popcorn, chips, cookies, bread, peanut butter for nutrition, and anything else that would not go stale quickly. This is everything I would bring, that could fit in my backpack, if I were ever in Reesie’s situation.

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